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We offer manufacturing and printing services for:

Choose stickers from our catalogue range or request a quote for stickers manufactured and printed to match your particular product, brand or packaging needs.

Catalogue Range

Our catalogue range includes premium, popular and widely used country of origin stickers. If they are suitable for your product, catalogue stickers offer the best value, delivering great quality with great volume pricing, with the extra convenience of instant online ordering. Catalogue stickers generally offer the shortest lead times for delivery too.

Beyond the Catalogue

If you haven't found what you're looking for in our catalogue range, request a quote for country of origin stickers manufactured and printed to your specifications.

Capability and Production Options

  • Stickers for any type of country of origin food labelling, including all priority and non-priority food products and frozen food.
  • Stickers in any size starting from a minimum of 1cm along the narrower side (width or height).
  • Stickers in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Stickers printed with three component standard marks, two component standard marks or with country of origin statements.
  • Stickers printed using full colour process (CMYK process colours) or Pantone spot colours.
  • Stickers with a white or transparent (clear) background.
  • Stickers manufactured from a specific type of material to match your brand, product design or functional packaging requirements.
  • Stickers with a high gloss or matte finish or an unlaminated write-on surface.
  • Stickers with a permanent or removable adhesive.
  • Stickers supplied on rolls for machine application in any unwind direction.
  • Stickers supplied on rolls, on strips or individually cut, to apply by hand.